• Coding

    Web Development & Programming

    We apply coding standards to ensure your application works efficiently, quickly and across every platform for making your goals.

  • Designing

    UI/UX Designing (Front End & Back End)

    Whether designing for interfaces or experiences, we should take care to keep our users at the heart of our design process.

  • Training


    Who are interested in working on real projects, making an impact, and growing their professional skills, while working on live deals and real business challenges.


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Internship Opportunities at JPCL

Each year JPCL offers a limited number of paid internship opportunities for Engineering fresher’s, who are interested in working on real projects, making an impact, and growing their professional skills, while working on live deals and real business challenges.

AIM of Training

Our Internship Training offers Engg. Freshers and IT students a period of practical experience in the WEB industry relating to their field of study.

This experience is valuable to students as a means of allowing them to experience how their studies are applied in the "real world", and as work experience that can be highly attractive to potential employers on a candidate's CV.


  • Experience with Multiple Coding Languages
  • Experience with Object Oriented Programming
  • Understand Software Engineering Best Practices
  • Work Well Independently and Within a Team Setting
  • Thorough Understanding of Computer Architecture and OS
  • Manage Multiple Projects in Deadline-Driven Environments
  • Analyze, Design and Implement Database Structures
  • Familiar with UI Toolkits and Frameworks
  • Experience With Different Source Codes
  • Experience Building Web Applications
  • Experience in Dynamic and Static Web designs
  • Troubleshoot and Debug Issues
  • Strong Problem Solver Experience
  • Detailed Experience in writing Technical Specifications and Documentation
  • Confidence of building any type of web Application

Training overview

At first we practice in low-code platforms allow our Intern to easily create and modify simpler applications without the need of complex tools. Then we train our Intern to work with professional tools to create and modify existing web applications.

We have found that this process can be extremely beneficial not only in learning and getting better experience; it can also help to develop far more complex applications by allowing intern to conceptualize and communicate ideas with the programming team that would become completely to an experienced web developer.

Content in brief

The content of the training programme developed in co-operation with the latest trends in the web industry.

1. Client Side Coding
2. Server side coding
3. Database coding
4. Graphic Designing
5. Intermediate coding
6. Testing & Debugging

During the period all our interns go through these specialities

HTML Workshop
CSS Workshop
JavaScript Workshop
Bootstrap Workshop
Ajax Workshop

JSON Workshop
RegEx Workshop
PHP Workshop
SQL Workshop
OOP Workshop

ANDROID Workshop
JAVA Workshop
Photoshop Workshop
C# Workshop
jQuery Workshop


It is required to bring their own laptops for the practical hands-on portions of the workshops.


Six Months to One Year. This is a full-time training.
Job Roles

Your specialized web development training and experience qualifies you for a range of in-demand web and application development job roles including:

Web Developer
Software Engineer
Javascript Developer

JQuery Expert
PHP Programmer
Front-End Web Developer

User Interface Developer
Graphic Designer
Web Designer

If you have any doubt regarding the internship programme at JPCyber Labs (JPCL). Please contact us

If you are interested to join the INTERNSHIP Programme at JP CYBER LABS (JPCL), Kannur, Kerala., you have to apply online here.